pothole gardensThe UK have been lucky to have a proper winter this year and a bit of last year. But there is a side effect to the beautiful snow is the amount of potholes. The freezing weather ain’t the best for the road as it causes the potholes, water sieves into the tarmac and then freezes which then crack the tarmac and create the holes.

One man in Oxford, Pete Dungey, has been tirelessly ridding Oxford of its potholes by filling them up with primroses. What a great idea it is and I will make the normal city scape look so much better. Though I don’t think it will be such great idea since I’m sure it wouldn’t last long.

The guardian have a nice article about it here.

But if you should have a pothole on your route, please use the http://www.fillthathole.org.uk/ it does work.