Here is a list of the coming FNR routes …

The 16th of Nov. 2007 – Withnail and us:
We are retracing the footsteps of the classic/cult movie, Withnail and I.

The 7th of Dec. 2007 – The Circle Line.
well it does what it says in the title, but we don’t need to use our oyster cards.

The 21st of Dec. 2007 – Adhoc
Since there is a good change that people have gone on their holidays already (me included) this ride will happen if there is people who turn up Smiley So let us know if you have a route idea or want to lead a ride.

The 4th of Jan. 2008 – To The Continent
This ride goes to/past all the embassies of the 26 EU member states located in London

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